Athletic Director: Melinda Durrance

Minimum Requirements for Athletics

1. Account created on

2. These items must be uploaded to Athletic Clearance Website:

-EL2 (Sports Physical)

-Notice to Parents

-Contract For Consent (Notarized)

-Emergency Treatment Form (Notarized or signed in front of SBHC employee)

-Proof of insurance

-EKG Results or Opt Out Form

-Concussion Certificate

-Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate

-Heat Illness Certificate

-Birth Certificate

-Proof of Residence

-Parents ID

3. A minimum of a 2.0 GPA

Sports Physical & Forms

How to Upload to Home Campus

EKG Consent or OptOut.pdf
Contract for Parent.pdf
Athletic Clearance How To.pdf
Emergency Treatment Form.pdf
Notice to Parents.pdf